Our Services

JET-UV can be widely applied in various fields covering:

A. Varnishes

  • UV OPV for roller and duct UV on paper and plastics
  • UV OPV for offset printing on plastics
  • UV OPV for silkscreen printing on paper and plastics

B. Inks

  • Silkscreen UV ink for plastics
  • Flexo UV ink for Plastics/Labels
  • Letterpress UV for plastics
  • CD/DVD inks/varnishes

C. Optical film coated/laminated UV ink

  • LCD optical film
  • IR/Heat Insulation film
  • IMD film
  • Dicing tape
  • Heat and light sensitive film

Based on our expertise in UV ink/varnish field, JET-UV is able to offer the solution with in-depth UV technology and wide product applications to offer a “total solution” to meet our customers’ needs.

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