What is Drip off / Orange peel / Textile effect?

The principle: In the last ink duct a primer is partially used. Out of the coating unit, a high gloss coating is applied full area. Where primer and high gloss coating meet, a repellent effect is realised. Where the primer has been left out, you realise high gloss surfaces. In this way, you can produce fine printing motives without a spot coating plate.

For the application of UV Drip Off (also called hybrid coating), both UV based and oil based primers for the ink duct are available in combination with UV coatings. Depending on the primer, application amount and the setting of your printing press (power of UV lamps), you can achieve medium to strong structures which provide a highly visual and haptical difference compared to the high gloss coating. The systems are characterised by a very good scratch and scuff resistance.


the process is for drip off / textile effect



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