About us

Group Introduction

Unicorn Global Group (UGG) is one of the major chemical suppliers based in Taiwan since early 80’s , our main activity is focused on products for coating and printing/packing industries. Producing UV ink/varnish (JET-UV) since 1984; we are currently the only manufacturer in Taiwan that utilizes vertically integrated process from monomers, oligomers and initiators to the final varnish/ink products. We control the quality and create the value upstream fundamentally from raw materials production.

Our strategy

  • Expert/pioneer in UV industry.
  • Focus on inks and varnishes applications.
  • Vertical integration from raw materials to final inks/varnishes.
  • Technical cooperation with top UV supplier in the world.

Our Vision

A. provide peace of mind products and service.
B. take an enterprise as home to create benefits together.

Our Mission

The mission of JET-UV is to be the expert and pioneer in UV printing/coating industry in order to create a shiny/colorful world.

Our Prospective

JET-UV aim to be the Top 3 UV inks /Varnishes supplier in Asia by 2020.

Our Advantages

  • Focus on core technology – in-depth UV technology.
  • Wide product range – for most of UV applications.
  • Vertical integration – to keep the product quality more consistent
  • Focus on final solution instead of selling materials or products.
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